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This Litter was delivered in 2003 to comemorate 10 years breeding porties only

This litter is dedicated to our special friends to express our gratitude
for their endless generosity and the blessing of our friendship.

Jun 2nd of 03
We hear the pups hearts!! Chantal is a bit wet still, during to-be-mother grooming style session

Jun 7th of 03
Chantal gives birth from 5AM till 10:30AM. The pups are wavy, black with some white markings.

Cristal  13 days old

Chaplin 20 days old

Cousteau 20 days old

Jul 7th of 03
 One Month Old

30 days old

8 weeks old

Puppies shown here were adopted and are very much loved and happy with their new families.

Inquires about puppy availability & reserves are welcomed

Our New litter was born last Jan 13th
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