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10 commandments of the Nature


The Ten Commandments Of The Nature

(Based on Exodus, 20) 

1. I am the Nature, your Mother. I had generated you, I had borne you, I had given you life. When the moment of your death arrives, as Pieta I will receive you back again into my chest. You will love me deeply from your heart, from all your soul, from all your agreement. 

2. Nothing is compared to me. You will not change me for anything.

3- You will learn the names of my children and you will love them. You will call for its names the animals that walk on the land, the birds that fly in the sky, the fish that swim in waters, the insects and the plants that live in your way. Together with you they sing the great symphony of the life that makes the universe to beat . 

4. The animals and the plants are not insensitive objects to be at the dispose of your whims. They love the life as much as the men and they suffer when they are dying. Plants and animals are our friends in this wonderful world. If they disappear the man will be in a solitude without remedy. Before being use objects, they are the presences of Joy. 

5. You will honor me and protect so that your days on the land will be prolonged.

6. You will not kill. All the life will be sacred. The reverence for the life will be your supreme spiritual value . Only one thing may kill: the time

7. You will not leave on me as a garbage disposal your bad odors and terrible poisonous dejections and debris. The fields, the bushes, the rivers, the seas, are my body. You will take care of so that they remain pure and clean. Only one thing you may leave on my skin: the tracks of your silence path.

8. You will not steal. You will only take off of the nature the necessary things to your survival. You will never take off any thing to satisfy your ambition. 

9. You will sing for me as the lovers sing to each other. I am your mother. I had given you the life. I am your lover. Your seeds make me gravid. Ahead of me you will be the poet.

10.You will not covet anything from me. You can not possess me because you do not possess not even your proper body. The cool breeze, the crystalline waters, the blue sky, buzzing of the insects, the shade of the trees, the perfume of the plants - nothing belongs to whoever it is. The livings creature are my gratuitous gifts to all beings. 

                                             Rubem Alves